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DYNUIQ File Organiser

  • Large storage capacity DYNUIQ file organiser with 18-fold cover and expandable filing box with ample storage for up to 3000 A4 sheets.
  • Easy organization for files and folders with 24 multi-coloured pockets, this DYNUIQ Accordion A4 expanding file organiser helps to keep all your paperwork sorted.
  • Easy file storage and access as well as quick identification of important documents using unique indexing labels.
  • Functional Design with a foldable lid and a dual length elastic cord to ensure that the DYNUIQ paperwork organiser is securely closed.

Our Vision

DYNUIQ is a young and emerging brand created to offer high quality office products. Our vision is to develop products which are exceptional and practical for everyday use. We provide functional items such as our file organiser, perfect for keeping important paperwork safe and sorted.

How it Started

In recent years, the world has experienced an unprecedented shift in our way of life, at home and at work. These changes have left us scrambling to understand the new normal and adjust to the chaos. And during this time, we have looked within our community and found that people have been struggling with one thing in particular: organisation.

New business owners have to face the challenge of meeting paperwork requirements for various tax purposes, managing accounting records, tracking sales, calculating profit and loss and more. It can be overwhelming, especially without organizational systems and structured workspaces.

Keeping these points in mind, we set out to design a product that would bring ease of organization by providing a versatile, inexpensive paperwork organiser with the ability to accommodate large amounts of paperwork. We found, through our research, that such a folder organiser would not only benefit small business owners but a range of people, from teachers and office workers to students. Moreover, a good file organizer is also great for personal use.

After choosing from the best materials and designs, our team at DYNUIQ came up with the DYNUIQ Expanding File Organiser. With 24, multi-colour pockets and 18-fold cover all fitting the standard A4 paper size, this is a premium product for keeping your paperwork— and life— organized. This product is an expanding file folder, meaning that it is collapsible and does not take up a lot of space. It can easily be placed on a desk or shelf.

DYNUIQ’s File Organisers have a number of uses for a range of users. For example, in the home setting, our filing folders can be used to sort and store bills, contracts, bank statements and important receipts. Students can use these folder organisers to keep their homework, art, assignments and projects save and even take up to school as these organizers are portable!

We create our document organisers that are versatile: they can be used for professional, academic and personal use remote workers, small business owners, independent contractors, stay-at-home-parents, students, the list goes on. These are not only inexpensive but top quality, portable, waterproof, lightweight and sturdy. These filing folders are great for every day use and answer to the needs of the ordinary person. We strive to bring order to the fast-paced lives of contemporary times by providing users with a high-quality organiser folder.

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“It just arrived and it will be perfect to organize my house files

S. Olson

“True accordion style filing folder.. it collapses compact.. highly recommend for the tax prep for the self employed.. or to organize family documents. Or for the traveling office manager

Angelina S

“I like the storage capacity. I purchased the item for convenience but the slits for the paper label inserts you write on are so dark that you cannot see what it says which is very inconvenient.


“I have a huge collection of patches and these are perfect for organizing them. I have a couple and love them.

Jared Dickson


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