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How to Tidy Up and Organise your Paperwork

Organisation is the key to success. If you have a cluttered desk, cluttered drawers and shelves, it can be difficult to find important documents when needed. An expanding file organiser will help you declutter and organise your documents and make them easier to find again.

Efficient Storage

If you are like most people, then chances are that your home is filled with important documents and paperwork. You may have important files and folders in file boxes or in drawers around the house. Having a expanding document organiser will help to keep all of these items organised so everything can be found when needed. Our strong and robust design of DYNUIQ expanding file folder has 3000 sheets carrying capacity so you will never have to worry about losing information again!
This file organiser has long elastic cord that has two adjustable lengths and the durable button on the front which ensures this expandable file organiser is easy to close even when full of A4 paper!

Easily Portable

Unlike other file boxes, our file folder is portable and easy to use. It can be moved around the house as needed, or even taken on a trip with you if necessary! You will no longer have to worry about losing important documents because they are securely stored inside the filing folder. This document organiser is waterproof from the outside so you don’t have to worry about transporting important files and folders!

Multi Use Capabilities

The fact that this can be used as a box file, as well as a document organiser, is revolutionary. Our file organiser can be used to carry documents, folders and files around the house or office with ease! You could even use it as a school bag for your kids if needed. The sturdy design makes it easy to grip for carrying or holding pens.

Expanding File Folder

This expanding file folder has expandable flaps for easy closure when filled with a large number of sheets! This file organiser is made from high quality waterproof materials, this is guaranteed to last you for years and help keep your home organised! The strong button ensures that the elastic cord will always remain secure when not in use. This file organiser can be stored upright to guarantee all important files and folders remain in perfect condition.

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